Introducing GVMS


With the UK leaving the European Union, HMRS has established a brand new system that significantly improves the transportation of goods. GVMS, or Goods Vehicle Movement System, is a system that helps with transportation between the European Union and the UK and Northern Ireland. It is designed to streamline all border crossing procedures and is linked to pre-loading declarations(pre-lodge).

How does GVMS work?

The GVMS, is a system based on the GMR Goods Movement Records, which is what determines all the data associated with the vehicle carrying the cargo.
The GMR combines all the other MRN Movement Reference Numbers into one. Note that the Goods Movement Record contains all the necessary data on the vehicle passing between the two territories and can only be used once. All the driver has to do is present the GMR to the carrier(ferry, shuttle train) at the border to prove that all his goods have previously been filed declarations. Vehicles may be turned back if they have not presented the GMR, or the data presented in the GMR will be far from the facts.

If you want to have a GVMS, you should choose the right company, or have a business tax account yourself with administrator privileges. You should definitely register if you own any goods that should be taxed. Ports with GVMS create a virtual transit office, so that the truck does not have to physically present itself at the border post when crossing the border.

How to use GVMS?

If we want to transport goods through ports that support GVMS, a person or company is required to register with GVMS. To do this we will need to enter a user ID and GB EORI number.
HMRC has published a guide for GVMS to help carriers use the API. Using the API, users can:

What data is included in the GMR?

Carriers must obtain a GMR for each shipment. This is a unique identifier that includes such data as:

Companies, as well as their carriers, should understand the new provisions in connection with the transportation of products from the European Union to the UK, including the existence of GVMS. Ports in the UK use different methods to complete the necessary customs checks. GVMS is not used at all ports, only border ones.

If you have any problems registering for GVMS, you can contact us.