Goods movement vehicle service (GVMS)

The Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) was created for carriers to consolidate pre-prepared customs export and import declarations moving across the UK border from the EU. The system was introduced on January 1, 2020, and is a solution that was a response to the UK's exit from the European Union.

The GVMS Goods Vehicles Movement System is an English system for consolidating export and import clearance into a barcode - Goods Movement Reference (GMR). The barcode created is read by an automatic license plate recognition system. Thanks to this process, the international movement of goods to the UK has definitely become much simpler. GVMS is the responsibility of every carrier, and it also involves registering an EORI number in the UK and declaring the product being transported to HMRC.

You can outsource the GMR to a third party. On the Spot Broker LTD offers this to any carrier who finds the process complicated. Contact our team if you need GVMS support. Knowing that it can be complicated, our team will help you prepare the GVMS submission, and generate the GMR barcode. In this way, we ensure the smooth crossing of goods. We also prepare the ENS document you need to create the Irish equivalent of GVMS, the PBN needed to cross from the UK to Ireland.

Crucial benefits of GVMS

GVMS is designed to make the movement of goods between the European Union and the UK as simple as possible. Its most important benefits can therefore include:

  • Reduced time in ports which can translate into lower transportation costs.
  • Reduction of all formalities to a minimum.
  • Easier tracking of goods, thus increasing their security.
  • Greater protection and security not only for the goods themselves, but also for the company.

Assistance in the operation of GVMS

At OTSBroker, we know how important it is to get goods to their destination on time and without unnecessary complications. So our team will do everything to provide the highest quality service. If you would like to learn more about GVMS, please contact us!

We will help you clear up any doubts and answer your questions. We have been dealing with the topic of GVMS since its emergence. As a result, we have learned its exact operation and are prepared for any situation. Through cooperation with our customs agency, the flow of goods will take place smoothly, and at the same time the formalities will be reduced to a minimum for you. Take advantage of our services and see for yourself that the transit of goods does not have to be complicated!

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