How do I make a customs valuation of imported goods?

Goods arriving and passing through the service must be given a price in order to be traded in the destination country. But how do you determine this? During customs clearance, in addition to the correct classification of the goods, it is necessary to correctly value them and estimate their customs debt.

Why is a customs valuation of products made?

Customs valuation of imported goods is carried out in order to determine their customs value upon import or export. Customs value is important for several reasons:

Different methods of making a customs valuation

Performing a customs valuation of imported goods is not uniform and can be done by several methods, which will be outlined below:

In practice, different customs valuation methods are used depending on the available data and circumstances. The aim is to ensure a fair and adequate valuation of the customs value of the imported goods.

So if you would like to determine the customs value of imported goods, you can consult our customs agents, who will help you understand the mechanisms of customs valuation and prepare the right documents.