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Express export customs clearance in UK and EU

At our company, we handle UK and EU customs declarations for permanent and temporary exports and special procedures such as external processing.

We guarantee a fast and professional service. In the United Kingdom we serve every cargo port, including Dover, Felixstowe, Harwich, Heathrow (LHR), Hull, Immingham and Southampton. Our Polish branch and partner network in the EU can arrange export entry 7 days a week.

We can assist with export clearance of commercial goods, used vehicles, personal goods, including home removals. We help classify goods and choose the right HS code.

Our services help with complex export procedures and, thus, we reduce customer interference to the required minimum. Above all, you gain confidence that they will be done correctly.

Complex export clearance in Great Britain and other processing services

We also have outward processing procedures, temporary clearance, and for free circulation. We have many years of experience in carrying out the above-mentioned transportation services. We will be happy to advise you on the best solutions for your company. Our team of experienced agents who are at your disposal at every stage of the implemented service. So feel free to contact our department by phone or email. We will help you answear any questions related to export.

With us you do not have to worry about changes in export regulations

With our help, you don't have to worry about regulations related to import and export, which for inexperienced people can seem problematic. There are many regulations and they are constantly changing. At OTSBroker we familiarize ourselves with them on a regular basis and introduce new solutions. Our team is full of experienced people who have been dealing with this subject for years. This allows us to smoothly and quickly arrange all the necessary documents for the client. So you don't have to worry about all the formalities involved in exporting goods to the UK.

Experience, conscientiousness, accuracy and professionalism are what our company stands for. These values have guided us since the beginning of our customs agency. We are one of the leading companies and for years we have been providing our contractors with professional services, which are the movement of goods from Poland to the UK. If you are interested in services related to the export or import of goods, then we invite you to learn more about our company's offer on our website.


Under this documents tab you will find the attachments required for proper export clearance.


What data are needed to correctly fill out the EU export declaration?

  • information about the exporter and importer;
  • release data;
  • invoice number;
  • description of the goods transported;
  • units of measurement;
  • quantity of goods;
  • means of transport;
  • units of measurement, price;
  • methods of payment;
  • delivery methods.

What data are needed to properly complete the Great Britain Export Declaration?

  • declaration type;
  • EORI number;
  • the number of shipments;
  • reference number;
  • name of the concierge;
  • destination;
  • type of shipment;
  • country of origin;
  • mode of transportation;
  • net weight;
  • transportation ID;
  • customs procedure code.

What data are required to create a T1 document?

  • commercial invoice or pro forma;
  • specification or bill of lading;
  • CMR transport document;
  • export clearance confirmation;
  • certificates of origin of goods, sanitary certificates and others;
  • data of the Customs Office where the transit procedure will be initiated;
  • data of the Customs Office where the transit procedure will be completed;
  • contact details for completing or providing information;
  • identification of the payer;

What data are required to issue a T2 document?

  • CMR
  • commercial invoice;
  • specification or bill of lading;
  • export clearance;
  • veterinary, sanitary, phytosanitary or other certificate, if required;
  • certificate of origin of goods;
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