Transit Document T1 / T2 in UK

T1 and T2 documents

What are T1/T2 transit documents?

T1 and T2 transit documents can be used by traders to move cargo through different customs areas without paying customs duties when crossing borders.

A T1 document is issued for goods originating in the UK traveling to the EU and for goods from outside the EU traveling to the UK. If you need a T1 document, please contact our branch.

The T2 document is issued for EU goods traveling to another EU country via the UK or another non-EU territory. At the moment it is quite often used on the route Poland - Ireland/Northern Ireland. We can help you prepare this document on your behalf, as well as the GMR and PBN barcodes needed for crossing from the EU to the UK, as well as from the UK to the EU. We also offer assistance in clearing ADR dangerous goods and ATP perishable goods. Our experts are up to date with all the changes that are taking place in the shipping law.

In order to issue any of these documents, a customs guarantee must be in place to cover the customs debt for the duration of the goods' transit. Broker On The Spot can establish a guarantee for you and issue T1 and T2 documents in the UK and EU.

How T1 and T2 documents affect changes in transit regulations

As in other areas, changes do not bypass transit laws. Our experts keep you up to date with current news. So you don't have to keep up to date with all the changes to take advantage of transit. So we will take care of preparing the appropriate document that is adequate. We're happy to talk if you need additional information or if you have specific requirements for service delivery.

The customs process does not have to be complicated! Customs clearance T1 in the nutshell

We provide assistance to help you avoid unnecessary surprises associated with a poorly completed document in customs procedures. Our office specializes in transit declarations, including T1 and T2 documents. We will help you prepare the appropriate declaration for shipments moving between Europe and the United Kingdom. If you are a business owner and need help with transit, as well as the documents needed for proper transportation, you have come to the right place.

We are the right partner to help you organize your customs declarations. To use our services, you can contact us both by phone and email, as well as with the help of the application form on our website. Transit of goods to and from the United Kingdom does not have to be difficult and complicated. To find out, contact us!

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Transit Document T1 / T2 in UK
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