The transition from CHIEF to CDS, changes in the UK's customs system for clearing exports

There is a noteworthy development in the UK's customs clearance system, which is transforming the process of exporting goods. So far, the CHIEF system has been utilized for this purpose, but a new export system has been introduced. On December 15, HMRC announced that the implementation of the new system for exporting goods from the UK will be postponed. This is to ensure sufficient time for proper testing and optimization of IT solutions for the new system in collaboration with industry partners. The complete transition to the Custom Declaration Service (CDS) will take place by November 30, 2023. Following this date, all goods will be exported using the new system. HMRC has released approximate dates for the upcoming changes in the system.

Schedule of changes and key dates in the transition to the CDS system

HMRC (HM revenue and customs) has announced the implementation dates for specific amendments in light of the changes. This is because, in order to acclimate exporters to the newly introduced solution, each group of goods has been assigned different start dates for utilizing the current system.

At the end of February 2023, CDS first contacted those still using the GVMS software, or those using the NES National Export System, Information was presented on how vehicle exports to the UK will take place. This will affect all those who clear mainly through ports.

From May 2023, HMRC will reach out to existing National Export System (NES) users who use the CHIEF to submit export declarations and notify them of a new online service called "Make an Export Declaration". HMRC will provide instructions on how to begin using this new service for making export declarations via the Customs Declaration Service.

In the summer of 2023, the new changes will be that HMRC will communicate with all those who declare exports to instruct them on how to use the Customs Declaration Service's system.

And in September 2023, all export routes will be covered by the new system. It will include all exports that take different routes and use different systems, such as GVMS, and locations are linked to inventory.

After November 30, all export clearances must go through the CDS system.

How to prepare for the transition to the CDS system in export clearance for UK? 

There are a few measures we can undertake to ensure a seamless transition to the new CDS system. Firstly, we can apply for an EORI number that commences with the GB abbreviation. Additionally, we can enroll in the Custom Declaration Service, which allows us to make export declarations utilizing our software through the Customs Declaration Service. It's also wise to stay updated with the latest developments on GOV.UK, where all the latest updates will be provided.
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