Final Border Target Operating Model

On 29 August 2023, the UK government announced the Final Border Target Operating Model or, in other words, a strategy to introduce a new approach aimed at enhancing security during importation. The new approach includes screening of all imports and sanitary and phytosanitary inspections for live animals, animal products, plants and plant products at the border. The document details the steps that will be taken to optimise and automate inspection procedures, as well as the objectives for implementing the new Single Trade Window in the UK.

This system was made possible through collaboration between the governments of England, Ireland, and Wales.  With the introduction of the new final operating model, some businesses will need to change. Importers of food, beverages, and related items from the EU or other nations will experience varying degrees of impact. If you are importing food products, live animals, animal products, plants or plant products into the UK, you may wish to check the Border Target Operating Model risk level for your goods now to prepare for the upcoming changes to border processes.


Key changes to imports and exports associated with the introduction of BTOM

The Border Target Operating Model (BTOM) was developed through extensive consultation with both the transport industry and businesses across the UK. 

The authorities have approved a 3 month delay in the introduction of the remaining sanitary and phytosanitary controls and full customs controls for goods from Northern Ireland that do not meet the specified criteria. 

Customs controls on goods from Ireland that are imported into the UK will be triggered on 31 January 2024. Under the Windsor Framework arrangements, products from Northern Ireland that meet the relevant criteria will continue to have unrestricted access to the UK market. This applies to both goods that are directly transported from Northern Ireland to the UK and those that reach the UK market from Northern Ireland via Ireland. 

From 31 October 2024, there will be a requirement to provide safety and security declarations when importing into the UK from the European Union or other territories where there is currently an exemption. For more information, it is worth visiting the UK Single Trade Window website, which will provide a central platform for the new approach to border controls. When fully implemented, it will be a single digital platform, allowing users to upload essential trade data and apply for licences and authorisations for trusted traders.

The BTOM operating model is a completely new approach to security controls for both imported and exported products. It is primarily designed to control all transports that take place within the united kingdom. So if you are involved in the transport of food products, live animals, zoonotic products it can now determine the degree of risk that will be involved in the goods being transported. Contact us and we will give you all the information you need on the systems in place.