EXS/ENS Safety Declarations

EXS / ENS safety and security declarations

EXS/ENS declarations in UK - proper security for your goods

EXS/ENS safety and security declarations act as an alert notifying border services of the intended movement of goods across the border. EXS - Exit Summary Declaration is required for outbound, ENS - Entry Summary Declaration for inbound.

The EXS/ENS declaration must be generated and submitted to customs before the goods are imported or exported. This is a prerequisite for generating a GMR or PBN barcode. The barcode must be scanned by Customs at the point of entry and import. GMRs and PBNs are needed for traffic across the UK and Irish borders.

EXS declarations are usually included in export declarations. They are required during certain situations, such as the transportation of empty packages. It is important to note that EXS/ENS declarations are not the same as export and import declarations, which are mandatory for all commercial goods entering or leaving the EU. Our company will help organize the ENS in Ireland, France, Northern Ireland and the UK, and then generate both the GMR and PBN for the border crossing.

The EXS is usually included in the export declaration, but is required for carriage under the Common Transit Convention (T1 and T2 documents) and for self-transport of empty reusable packaging materials, such as empty pallets or racks.

What information is included in EXS/ENS declarations UK?

To properly complete EXS/ENS declarations, the following information will be required:

  • Commodity code of products in the Harmonized System (HS) - required only for the goods subject to inspection.
  • Country of origin of the goods.
  • Details of the consignee and consignor including EORI number.
  • Date and time and ports of crossing.
  • Registration number of the vehicle.
  • Description and quantity of goods.

OTSBroker help with EXS/ENS declarations of safety UK

If you have any questions regarding EXS/ENS security declarations or GMR/PBN barcode then be sure to contact us! Our customs agency provides comprehensive assistance with issues related to the movement of goods and personal property. Experience and knowledge acquired over the years of our activity allow us to help clients with the most complicated customs and customs issues. Appropriate actions taken by our specialists succeed and make the client satisfied. So, if you would like to use our services we cordially invite you to cooperate with us. You can contact us by phone, email, as well as through our website.

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