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T1 Document

The T1 document is required when transporting goods from the UK through Europe to the destination Customs Office. Its possession is necessary if, as soon as the customs goods enter the European Union, the goods are not durable at the first possible Customs Office. The T1 Document allows you to suspend the payment of customs duties for the duration of the transit from the point of entry to the destination. Document T1 can also be used in the other direction, i.e. when transporting goods from the EU to the UK. Using it, you do not risk paying taxes twice (one in the EU, the other in the UK). Its validity is 8 days, after which time the goods must be delivered to Customs Office for customs duty.


T2 Document

The T2 document is intended for use when transporting goods from one country in the European Union to another, which is also a member of the community, but their transport is through non-member countries. Its possession presupposes a customs guarantee for passage through a non-member country and exempts it from additional customs duties.


Eu export entry

In the procedure for exporting goods from the European Union, you will need to fill out the appropriate document.

An EU export entry is needed to export goods from the European Union to countries outside the EU, including the UK. Transport can take place by land, sea and air.


EU import entry

EU import entry is required for the import of goods into the European Union. It is necessary in order for the goods in question to enter a member country and be allowed to circulate in it. You can also use the Smart Border Clearance Package, which includes an export declaration from the UK and an import declaration from the European Union. This allows you to clear your goods remotely at the UK-France border, without having to go to the Customs Office.


UK export entry

UK export entry is required for each shipment from the UK or other third countries to the European Union.

Export declarations help collect the required data, while protecting the shipment from unauthorized returns of goods. Export declarations additionally help collect accurate statistical data, facilitate the inspection of goods under certain customs controls, deter unauthorized returns of duty-free goods, and ensure compliance with security and export protection measures.


UK CDS import entry

UK CDS import entry is required for the entry of a particular good into the UK and its release for free circulation. This applies to goods from both the EU and other non-EU countries.

This is a much simpler form of import declaration, which means the same as a regular shipping document. Important! The CDS system replaced the previously used CHIEF system, which can no longer be used as of October 31, 2022 (the system itself still works, but you can't use it).

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