Customs services in Rotterdam

The OTSbroker customs agency in Rotterdam is one of the most important institutions involved in controlling the movement of goods through one of the largest seaports in the world. Located at a strategic point on the map of European trade routes, this agency plays a key role in ensuring the smooth handling and security of import and export processes. With its specialised staff and advanced technological systems, the OTSbroker customs agency provides its clients with a professional and comprehensive service, supporting them in the efficient conduct of their international trade activities. 

Rotterdam is not only one of the busiest ports, but also an important logistical hub for international trade. OTSbroker customs agency in Rotterdam acts as the controlling authority for all operations related to the transport of goods, ensuring compliance with applicable customs regulations and safety standards.

The tasks of our customs agency in Rotterdam encompass a wide variety of duties, aiming to provide efficient service to clients and to conduct operations in accordance with the law. We strive to provide a one-stop shop for all issues related to customs and tax procedures, guaranteeing our clients full security and compliance with the applicable regulations. 

Ipaffs declaration at our customs agency in Rotterdam

Ipaffs is an electronic system for declaring the import of food products, animals, feed and other plant products into a country. The clearance process usually takes place at border crossing points or port terminals, where goods are checked, registered and approved by the relevant sanitary and phytosanitary authorities. This is an important procedure to ensure the safety and compliance of imported food and agricultural products. At OTSbroker in Rotterdam, we handle these and other services, offering our assistance and expertise.

In addition, our customs agency in Rotterdam also handles procedures related to the export and import of goods from outside and into the European Union, controlling taxes, duties and import charges. It also works closely with other agencies and institutions, both nationally and internationally, to ensure an effective exchange of information and a joint fight against the illegal movement of goods.

The OTSbroker customs agency in Rotterdam plays an important role in facilitating international trade thanks to its trained staff of customs agents who are familiar with the current regulations governing customs services.