Customs clearance Felixstowe

Customs agency in Felixstowe

If the whole customs clearance process is too complicated and difficult for you – we are here to help you with every aspect of it. We will guide you through exporting and importing goods in the UK working 7 days a week, 24 hours per day ensuring excellent customer service, support and advice.

Our customs office provide services for shipments passing through Felixstowe which is the largest container port in the UK and in other major ports such as: Dover, Hull, Immingham.

Our experienced customs clearing agents will guarantee all kinds of guidance on the customs process, take care of all the documentary requirements for the classification of goods to obtain a tariff code and calculate customs fees.

We, as a customs agency will take care of both import clearance and export clearance making all the process hassle-free. We issue T1 document along with export declaration, register products of animal and plant origin in system IPAFFS and also carry removals and clearance of private property.

Contact us to get all necessary information about customs clearance in Felixstowe from our clearing agents.