How do you transport goods to Venlo?

If you are looking for efficient, comprehensive and accurate transportation of goods across the border to the Netherlands, our customs agency is the ideal solution. We guarantee an easy and comprehensive customs clearance service in Venlo, the Netherlands, addressed to all customers, including those with no previous experience in international trade.
Our experienced customs agents are ready to provide full support, helping you understand customs procedures and preparing the necessary documents. With our services, even customers with no previous experience in international trade can be assured of the smooth transportation of goods across the border to the Netherlands. Our customs agency is committed to ensuring an easy clearance process, allowing clients to focus on their core business activities instead of worrying about the retail aspects of customs procedures.

What services do our customs agents in Venlo provide?

Our skilled customs agents in Venlo specialise in import and export clearance, covering free circulation, temporary clearance, returned goods, and inward and outward processing procedures. We also handle private items, like removals. Additionally, we assist in preparing transit declarations, including T1 and T2 documents for diverse goods, including dangerous goods (ADR) and perishable goods (ATP). Feel free to reach out; we're here to assist you!

We work seven days a week and deal with IPAFFS registrations, EXS/ENS security declarations, simplified customs procedures, removals and the clearance of private property. When looking for the right customs agency in Venlo, you should definitely opt for OTSBroker.
The long-standing experience of our customs agents guarantees full knowledge of the various procedures, rules and formalities, which shortens the time of the entire customs process, making it more accessible than you might think. This saves you both time and money, while ensuring that your documentation is accurate and compliant with current legislation. Use our form or contact us at any time - we are here to help you!