Brexit and transportation between the EU and the UK


Britain's withdrawal from the European Union has been a rather controversial topic. People feared significant changes that would affect most aspects of their existing lives. Fortunately, a solution was put in place to prevent unnecessary complications. Brexit itself was introduced on February 1, 2020. In order to avoid changes in the existing system regarding trade, it was therefore necessary, to introduce a special regulation on this issue. Since January 1, 2021, the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the UK and the European Union has been in force, which is expected to keep trade at the same level as it was before Brexit.

Transport by sea and land between the European Union and the UK

The main transport channel through which goods flow from the EU to the UK is the one through France. It is possible to transport products, both by sea and by a special Eurotunnel, between the two countries. France has introduced its own system to increase the fluidity of traffic, as well as following directives issued by the European Union. The smart border solution we are talking about here is quite transparent and easy to understand. Remote check-in helps to save time and avoid complicated bureaucracy. It is created on the basis of three principles:

Smart border system automation of the flow of goods

Smart border is designed to automate border clearance as much as possible. Special mobile applications can be used for remote clearance and contain all the necessary data. Special barcodes are also generated prior to the check itself to help determine which group a vehicle belongs to. Thus, heavier goods vehicles are automatically directed to a completely different queue than passenger cars.
Another advantage of this solution is the special infrastructure and properly trained staff, which allow to proper traffic direction during increased activity at the border.
Smart border consists of several points that must be passed in order to travel:

The method outlined has greatly improved the transportation of goods between the UK and the European Union. Such an advanced and intelligent solution as the smart border improves border control. It identifies inflows and outflows of vehicles and monitors them, preventing infrastructure congestion.

More and more companies have taken up this topic and have included in their strategies the assumptions that the smart border presents. Noting the huge success, the freight forwarding industry is focusing more and more on the topic of remote clearance. OTSBroker takes a comprehensive approach to the topic of customs clearance. Our company aims to facilitate clearance and thus improve the movement of goods within the European Union and the United Kingdom. We have a special tool for monitoring and creating the barcodes necessary for remote clearance. We handle all the paperwork for you, so you don't have to worry about not preparing properly for remote clearance.