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Customs clearance broker with branches in UK and Poland

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On The Spot Broker LTD: Your Trusted Partner in Time-Critical Logistics Amidst the Brexit Transition

Our agency provides express customs clearance services, available 7 days a week, in both Poland and the UK. With branches located in both countries, we have a unique ability to offer customs clearance services that cover both the UK and the EU.

We offer a comprehensive range of customs clearance services, including export and import clearance, transit (T1/T2 documents), special procedures, and consultancy services on customs procedure codes and tariff codes (HS codes).

OTSBroker- your partner in customs clearance in the UK

Our team of Polish customs agents in the UK are responsible for transporting goods from the European Union to the UK. Dealing with customs procedures can be handled by OTSbroker, a partner with experience.

The field of customs and foreign trade encompasses a huge number of regulations that precisely define the rules for importing and exporting goods, as well as specifying the responsibilities and powers of the people and institutions involved in the process. Staying oriented and up-to-date is a challenging task in this maze of different regulations and frequent legislative changes.


What is customs clearance in England?

Customs clearance in England is the process by which goods are legally allowed to enter or leave a country. It involves a series of procedures and documentation to comply with the regulations and laws of both the exporting and importing countries. For businesses engaging in trade between the European Union and the UK, the assistance of customs clearance agents becomes essential.

Our agency is dedicated to providing timely customs clearance in the UK and is open seven days a week, serving customers in both Poland and the UK. Our ability to provide customs clearance solutions across both the UK and the EU is unique because of our strategically placed branches in both nations.


What is the purpose of customs agents in UK?

Customs brokers in the UK act as intermediaries between businesses and customs authorities, ensuring that shipments meet all legal requirements and are processed efficiently. In the UK, businesses often rely on customs brokers to navigate the complexities of customs procedures. Polish customs agents in the UK specialize in handling shipments between Poland and Great Britain, providing a deep understanding of both country’s regulations.

Customs agents in the UK offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses involved in cross-border trade. These services include:

  • Export and Import Clearance - customs agents facilitate the smooth entry and exit of goods, ensuring compliance with customs regulations for both exports and imports.
  • Transit Facilitation (T1/T2 Documents) - our customs agents have expertise in handling transit documents (T1/T2), crucial for goods passing through different customs territories.
  • Special Procedures - customs agents in the UK guide businesses through special procedures, such as temporary importation or customs warehousing, optimizing processes and minimizing delays.

Polish customs agents in the UK

When selecting a customs clearance agent, businesses must consider factors such as experience, reliability, and expertise in specific trade routes. Our customs agents operating in the UK offer a unique advantage to businesses involved in European-British trade. Language proficiency, cultural understanding, and a complete understanding of customs regulations in both Europe and Britain are all traits of our agents. This expertise is crucial for accurately completing documentation and facilitating the smooth movement of goods across borders.